Unlock your Creative Future.

12 weeks - £75

Do you have a passion for creativity, want to turn your hobbies into a career and have a job that you love, but aren’t sure where to start? We can help!

Our 12-week course explores a wide range of career options in creative industries. Learn how to make a career from subjects like: Graphic Design, Photography and Videography, Music Production, Game Design and many more.

Our industry professionals provide insight on practical skills, such as; the best way to get started, building a portfolio and the academic vs hands-on options to get started in your creative career.

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How the course works

Learn from the professionals.

Our course is created in partnership with industry leaders, with decades of combined experience in their fields.

Their hands-on, practical experience has been carefully curated to provide you with the information you need to start your journey into a career within a creative industry.

Approved Activity Provider for the Duke of Edinburgh Award

  • Career options to excite and inspire

    Creative directors, video game programmers, music producers and many more. You will explore a wide range of ideas for careers you'll REALLY love.

  • One hour of learning per week

    Quick and easy modules mean there's no need to interrupt your studies. You'll learn about a wide range of career options in 1 hour per week.

  • Work at your own pace

    You'll be able to work the reading in around your other studies and your precious free time. No ticking clocks or strict deadlines.

  • Easy-to-use platform

    Students can access the content at any time, re-read past modules, and complete everything in one simple platform.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Overview

    • Introduction

    • Week One Assignment

  • 2

    Creative Industries

    • Creative Industries

    • Gaming

    • Film & TV

    • Fashion

    • Music

    • Theatre & Performing Arts

    • Week Two Quiz

    • Week Two Assignment

  • 3

    Graphic Design, Web Design, UX & UI

    • Graphic Design, Web Design and UX

    • Graphic Design

    • Web & App Design

    • UX Design

    • Week Three Quiz

    • Week Three Assignment

  • 4

    Photography, Videography, Cinematography & Makeup Artists

    • Photography, Videography, Cinematography & Makeup Artists

    • Photographers

    • Videographers

    • Cinematographers

    • Makeup Artists

    • Week Four Quiz

    • Week Four Assignment

  • 5

    Creative and Art Direction, Artists and Illustrators

    • Creative and Art Direction, Artists and Illustrators

    • Creative Directors

    • Art Directors

    • Artists and Illustrators | Introduction

    • Artists and Illustrators | Getting started

    • Artists and illustrators | Ways to work

    • Week Five Quiz

    • Week Five Assignment

  • 6

    Game Design & Game Art

    • Game Design & Game Art

    • Software developers and Game Programmers

    • Games Artist

    • Sound Effects/Foley Artists

    • Week Six Quiz

    • Week Six Assignment

  • 7

    Motion Design & Animation

    • Motion Design & Animation

    • Animation

    • Motion Design

    • Starting a career in Animation and Motion Design

    • Week Seven Quiz

  • 8

    Music industry careers

    • Music industry careers

    • Music Production

    • A&R

    • Sound Engineers

    • Session Artists

    • Week Eight Quiz

  • 9

    Fashion & Textile Design, Costume Design, Fashion Styling

    • Fashion & Textile Design, Costume Design, Fashion Styling

    • Fashion Designers

    • Textile Designers

    • Costume Design

    • Fashion Stylist

    • Week Nine Quiz

  • 10

    Types of Employment

    • Types of Employment

    • Full-time | Overview

    • Full-time | benefits vs downsides

    • Self- Employment | Overview

    • Self-employment | Benefits vs Downsides

    • Entrepreneurship | Overview

    • Entrepreneurship | Benefits and Downsides

    • Week Ten Quiz

  • 11

    Education and training, applying for jobs

    • Education and training, applying for jobs

    • Getting started in your creative career

    • Studying online vs getting a degree

    • Things you should always do

    • Things to consider when applying

    • Tips for writing a CV

    • Tips for putting together your portfolio or showreel

    • Internships

    • Week Eleven Quiz

  • 12

    Conclusion & Resource Library

    • Conclusion

    • Resource Library